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Fiaker carriage tours in Salzburg
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself used to travel through Salzburg by Fiaker, although he complained about the uncomfortably hard seats, saying once in a letter to his father that he had decided during his last carriage ride that he would from then on travel lifting his behind far from the seat in order to avoid bruises. Today, horse drawn carriages are fortunately a lot more comfortable than in the days of Mozart, hence they have become a great way of getting a piece of nostalgic feeling while discovering the beauties and sights of Salzburg during a Fiaker carriage ride. provides Fiaker carriages for the following Fiaker carriage tours in Salzburg:
  • Fiaker carriage sightseeing tours: Hire a Fiaker carriage with to experience a Fiaker carriage ride through Salzburgs old town streets. You will discover some of the most important sights of Salzburg during your Fiaker carriage tour, including the Salzburg cathedral, the archbishop's residence, Mirabell castle and the residence of the Mozart family. In average, a Fiaker carriage sightseeing tour through Salzburg lasts about one hour. Your Fiaker carriage driver can point out these Salzburg attractions for you, but if you need more specific details, you might consider hiring a private Salzburg tour guide along with your Fiaker sightseeing tour of Salzburg. The best way to book a Fiaker carriage sightseeing tour in Salzburg is to use the easy Fiaker booking form designed by for your convenience. Send us the filled in and signed Fiaker carriage booking form by fax, and you will promptly receive our detailed confirmation including important details concerning your Fiaker carriage tour like the name, photo and mobile phone number of your Fiaker carriage driver, a map of the meeting point with your Fiaker carriage and more. Our Fiaker carriage booking form is available here: Booking form for Fiaker carriage sightseeing tours in Salzburg.
  • Fiaker carriage excursions: If you desire to undertake a longer Fiaker carriage ride, you might want to opt for one of the two Fiaker carriage excursions presented by Our first fiaker carriage excursion takes you from the old town to Leopoldskron castle and back, the second from the old town to Hellbrunn castle and back. Both tours last about one and a half hours. To book any of our Fiaker carriage excursions in Salzburg, please use the Fiaker excursion booking form available here: Booking form for Fiaker carriage excursions in Salzburg.
  • Transfers by Fiaker carriage: Travelling from one place to another by Fiaker carriage is an old fashioned but still very attractive way of moving around Salzburg. With, you can rent Fiaker carriages to take you from your hotel to the old town, to a good restaurant or to your concert in Salzburg as well as to any other location within the city. For larger parties, can provide more than one Fiaker carriage at a time. As soon as more than one Fiaker carriage is involved in a transfer, we recommend you to hire a professional tour manager along with your Fiaker carriages to make sure that no problems will arise during your Fiaker carriage transfer. Of course, can also provide such tour managers upon request. The prices for Fiaker carriage rides within Salzburg depend on the length of the transfer and on the number of Fiaker carriages booked. To obtain a detailed offer for your Fiaker carriage transfer in Salzburg including pricing information we kindly ask you to contact us at . We are looking forward to your request!
  • Wedding and event rides by Fiaker carriage: Imagine the feeling of taking a ride through the beautiful city of Salzburg in a horse drawn carriage right after your wedding... With the Fiaker carriage rental service by, this dream can come true. Of course, we do also provide Fiaker carriages for use during other events, which you can rent either for a simple ride, for several hours or for an entire day. The price of a Fiaker carriage rental depends on the rental duration, the season and the number of Fiaker carriages required. Please ask for a detailed offer at ! Should you need more wedding or event related service in Salzburg, the event management agency City Tours Austria will gladly help you. provides Fiaker carriage rental service in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. Furthermore, the event production company City Tours Austria will gladly help you with the planning and realization of events in Austria. For travel related service like hotel bookings, coach or limousine rental and tour guide service in Austria, please refer to the Austrian tour operator City Tours Austria.

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